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Done Maintenance and Service Guide Nonfunctioning device. If you mix memory speeds, the system will perform at the lower memory speed. These steps also clear CMOS. Remove the keyboard 3. Power up on battery power? Boot from Check the Setup utility for correct booting order. Page Removal and Replacement Procedures 9.

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The power cord set included with the computer meets the requirements for use in the country where the equipment is purchased.

Serial Number Removal and Replacement Procedures 5. Finally, what swayed my decision in favor of nc were the following features: Page Removal and Replacement Procedures 7.

No discomfort caused by a flaming keyboard or toasty plastic under your wrists. HP Mobile Data Protection has temporarily parked the hard drive. One hp compaq nc6400 fingerprint sensor that secures the top cover to the computer ho in Section 5. Enter text from picture: Release the tape 4 that secures the LCD panel to the display rear panel.

At first, I thought that it was a mono speaker as on Dell D, for instance. Page 50 – flowchart 2. Release the keyboard 3. Close computer and retest. These hp compaq nc6400 fingerprint sensor are categorized as most of the world 2 MOW2. Page Display Component Recycling 9. Page 69 Spare Parts: Load drivers and set configuration in OS. I was happy to observe that I did not have any such problems with the wensor installed on HP nc Only authorized technicians trained by HP should repair senssor equipment.

Don’t have an account? For use with hp compaq nc6400 fingerprint sensor system board spare part number For use with UMA system board spare part sensr 1. Mass Storage Devices 3. Circuitry design and structure determine the degree of sensitivity.

Remove the battery by following these steps: Contents 3 Illustrated Parts Catalog 3. Above 3-GB, all memory may not be available due to system resource requirements.

HP Compaq NC6400 Quickspecs

Because of the complexity of the individual boards and subassemblies, do not attempt to make repairs at the component level or modifications to any printed wiring board. Power cord set fittings appliance coupler and wall plug must bear the certification mark of the agency responsible for evaluation in the country where it will be used.

Use a hp compaq nc6400 fingerprint sensor tool snsor cut fignerprint tape 1 that secures the sides of the display panel to the display panel frame. Three screws that secure the keyboard to the computer documented in Section 5. Eensor the PC Card assembly 2 from the digital media board. Remove the memory module compartment cover. Remove the following screws: As a final note, although HP does not seem to offer customizable hp compaq nc6400 fingerprint sensor, certain features can be changed bigger hard drive, etc.


Connect computer to good external pointing device. Use the hard drive connector 1 to lift the right side of the system board 2 until it rests at an angle. Before beginning troubleshooting, always check cable connections, cable ends, and drives for bent or damaged pins. Slide the Bluetooth module 1 to the right until senor left side of the module is clear of the left side of the clip in the base enclosure.

While the sales people are courteous hp compaq nc6400 fingerprint sensor fairly knowledgeable particularly in the business divisionthe technical support usually turns out rather inept. HP nc business laptop view large image. Remove the four Phillips Hp compaq nc6400 fingerprint sensor.

Speaker Removal and Replacement Procedures 5.